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beyond the decisive moment   
contribution in Image [&] Narrative imageandnarrative.be 10|2015

photographing japan
European Photographers and their Photographic Conception of Japan
Talk at Heidelberg University: Pictorial Flows. Visuality and Mediality in a Global Context Heidelberg 06|2009

photographing the other
A European View on Japan
Talk within the research project ›Memoria Cultural e Identidades Fronterizas. Entre la Construcción Narrativa y el Giro Icónico‹
Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Instituto de Filosofía; Madrid 05|2009

constructing the world
Documentary Photography in Artistic Use
Talk at the Visual Culture Revisited conference Berlin 04|2005

goodbye to the wild west
Reflections on net.art at the point of institutionalization.
Talk at the art.net.dortmund under construction conference Dortmund 05|2001