ep/2006/k.  2007

installation view
This piece was developed within the project Young European Photographers Meet the European Parliament on behalf of the European Parliament in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute.

EP/2006/K. was photographed only on the Brussels location, where the everyday work of the Parliament takes place. I was especially interested in the structures of bureaucracy. On location it seemed rather possible to visualize ideas of the bureaucratic basis of the EU than their impact on the lives of the people in its member states. The preoccupation with the everyday life in the Parliament showed, that the processes of parliamentary work are rather irreproducible, even while being situated right in their center. Even though many things can be observed and conversations with people who are occupied on different levels may clarify some of the circumstances, the events stay altogether impermeable.

This impermeability is visualized in my piece. It is not about showing the tangible interiors of the parliamentary building but rather about mapping out a more universal statement. The black and white photography reduces the different colors to a uniform grey. Hallways are photographed slightly from below therefore the regular perception is marginally changed. People are framed in a way that their faces are never shown entirely. Different situations of conversations, interviews or press conferences remain vague. With the visual transformation I want to create an atmosphere that is unseizable. Here also Franz Kafka serves as a contributor of ideas, as he expresses the inaccessability of bureaucracy for the regular citizen and his non-affiliation to its system in his novels.